Web Development

High level view of some projects that I have been involved in and the technologies that were used for implementation.

SFPUC communication
CFMX 8, JS, CSS, Web Services Integrated tab based media content into current SFPUC CMS system, utilizing tag driven youtube integration.
FLEX, ActionScript 3.0, CFMX, SQL, XML Project Managers CFMX/FLEX dashboard that pulls various legacy systems together for better utilization/management.
XHTML, CSS Provided static design, XTHML templates for presentation layer for ultimate jsp integration.
XHTML, JS, CSS, CFMX, SQL, XML CFMX intranet with web service integration into a secure hummingbird document storage enviroment.
HTML, JS, CSS, CFMX, SQL Managed multiple projects including CMS, online store, mailinglist, and online-surveys.
HTML, CSS, CFMX, SQL CMS utilizing an extensive UDF library.
HTML, JS, CSS, CF5, SQL Robust CMS with template driven presentation layer.
Well Network
HTML, CSS, PHP, mySQL Non-profit organization content management sytem.
Holcombe Waller
HTML, ActionScript 2.0, CF5 Flashed based interface with Cold Fusion backend for dynamic data updates.
Remedy Interactive
HTML, CSS Ergonomic quick reference guide to accompany customizable automated tools.